AI is a vital modern marketing response to COVID-19

Learn the 4 ways modern marketers are using AI to achieve more with less during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Third Foundation is a tech startup delivering AI transformation to modern marketers.


Providing modern marketers with the time to think.

  • The time to think differently.
  • The time to think disruptively.
  • The time to think decisively.

Built on proprietary technology unique to Third Foundation


Galaxia™ is a GDPR-compliant, 'cookie-less' data intelligence tool that can capture over 100,000 data interactions per second, accessed in full and unaggregated in real time.

Prime Radiant

Prime Radiant™ is an exemplar of our unique technological approach, combining multiple interconnected Google Cloud Platforms with AI, Machine Learning and state-of-the-art data science.

Sensemaking Suite

Complemented by our Sensemaking Suite™ of plug and play modules and integrations, designed around the needs of the modern marketer and engineered using unique intellectual property assets.

Google Cloud Partner

Our unique technological approach combines multiple interconnected Google Cloud Technologies with AI, Machine Learning and state-of-the-art data science, creating a fully scalable and adaptable modular system capable of deployment from any point on the globe.

AI Transformation

We work to help you deliver AI transformation in your organisation in just three steps.


AI Ready

The first step to AI transformation is ensuring your organisation is ready to harness the power of AI. Marketing strategies led by AI are built on a foundation of sound data. With our AI Ready approach we will transform your organisation's data into a marketing asset.


AI Operational

The second step to AI transformation is to use AI insights to unlock operational growth and efficiencies across your organisation. Our AI Operational approach gives you access to our Sensemaking Suite™ of AI modules engineered for modern marketers, modelling your data to power AI-driven marketing decisions.


AI Active

The third step on your AI transformational journey is to activate your AI-driven marketing decisions. Our AI Active approach allows modern marketers to leverage your AI investment into all aspects of your organisation's marketing strategy through integrations with your existing Martech solutions.

Improving global consistency of brand experience, saving £250,000 operational spend

By using AI to assess and fix brand inconsistencies and content errors on their website and packing, across 50+ markets and in numerous languages, we helped a global brand save £250,000 in operational spend using Google Cloud Platform.

Delivering unparalleled real-time performance analysis and £10m increased revenue

By using AI to analyse performance and highlight potential opportunities across hundreds of channels every month, viewed through unique dashboards to provide unparalleled real-time insights, we increased revenues by £10m.

Automating vital decision making in a volatile sector, resulting in optimised media spend

By using AI to engineer a volatility-based algorithm, we were able to automate and improve decision making in a sector that is highly susceptible to unpredictable change and normally requiring round-the-clock management.

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It's time to think differently.

To think disruptively.

To think decisively.

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