Third Foundation is an Information Growth Company built by experts in data and decision making with backgrounds in major marketing agencies

It is the culmination of a simple insight:
people need more time to think

Too much energy is wasted on tasks which neither exercise our intelligence nor help move the needle forward

We wanted to give individuals the freedom to concentrate and the power to prioritise, so that the future we forge is one we’ve consciously considered

And we knew just how to do it

By integrating AI, Machine Learning and state-of-the-art data science into a series of interconnected GCPs, we engineered Information Growth architecture capable of transforming businesses

But the best part was, our system wasn’t disruptive or demanding – we simply helped companies truly understand their assets and make better, faster, more efficient decisions.

Meaning we could provide them with a lasting commercial advantage while simultaneously giving them more time and freedom to think.

And that’s what we continue to do…

Let something else think about data

If you’re interested in gaining a new level of understanding and a lasting commercial advantage, let’s get talking.