Bespoke, interlocking data and performance productsdesigned to democratise AI and Machine Learning

The Sensemaking Suite offers businesses with a limited budget the opportunity to share in the gains of world-leading technology, and provides larger companies agnostic to innovation the chance to see how AI can enrich their offering.

Audience Clustering

For audience modelling, Aurora uses complex statistical clustering and metadata generation, Aurora helps businesses make sense of their audience and develop more sophisticated targeting.

By implementing Machine Learning technology to locate nuanced patterns beyond normal human perception, Aurora gives businesses a greater understanding of their audiences and the ways they can tailor products, content and experiences specifically to them.

What-if Modeller

Used for running What-if scenarios based on external events like market volatility or currency changes, Nebula allows businesses to better understand their options enabling more informed, imaginative decisions.

By channelling data about prior performance and your competitive landscape, Nebula allows you to stress-test scenarios and see how your business will respond to different stimuli in a variety of areas, from optimising supply chains to altering your products or services.


Used for forecasting and built from a complex collection of Machine Learning formulas and utilising some of the world’s finest AI facilities, Livia is an engineered solution to the problem of prediction.

By properly organising and processing your data, Livia produces robust insights into past and future performance to provide a new level of clarity, security and understanding, helping businesses in every sector harness the power of data to enhance future performance.

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