Loyalty and Retention

Using AI to win and retain customer loyalty

The AI Challenge

Now more than ever loyal customers are the key to growing brands.

Modern consumers are empowered like never before, with more options and higher expectations that brands will deliver great customer experiences.

Modern marketers must find new ways to win and retain their loyalty, creating trust and confidence during every interaction.

The AI Solution

AI helps modern marketers create more relevant campaigns that earn loyalty, retain custom and grow revenue.


AI-powered segmentation reorganises based on real-time behaviour to understand how customers’ preferences are changing.


AI enables marketers to respond to real-time customer needs and provide meaningful, personalised interactions that win trust.


AI-driven automation ensures customers receive relevant communications when they matter most.

The AI3 Approach

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AI Ready

Collect clean, robust data on your customer base to achieve clarity about their long-term wants and needs.

Develop an always-on SCV where customers are understood at every conceivable touch point producing real-time, actionable audiences.

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AI Operational

Respond to customers’ needs in real-time, using AI-modelling to predict the most effective action.

Deploy personalised product offers and recommendations to increase loyalty and overall revenue.

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AI Active

Automate decisions designed to improve customer outcomes more efficiently and effectively, driving increased relevancy and ultimately fostering loyalty.

Automate the entire customer journey to make every interaction a loyalty-winning experience.

The Loyalty and Retention ROI

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Achieve clarity about your customer base

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Increase trust and customer confidence

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Improve overall brand sentiment

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Develop clearer long-term retention strategies

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Generate higher revenue through increased relevance

It's time to think differently.

To think disruptively.

To think decisively.

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