Using AI to inform real time marketing investment decisions that drive performance

The AI Challenge

Marketing investment is being scrutinised and organisations are continually increasing expectations for campaign performance.

Modern marketers are under significant pressure to drive much needed new customer acquisition and increased revenue from existing customers.

Inaccurate, filtered or slow campaign reporting leaves unanswered questions about what is truly driving incremental revenue for your organisation.

The AI Solution

AI empowers modern marketers to make informed real time decisions about where and when to place marketing investment for optimal ROI.

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AI provides modern marketers with unfettered multi-source data sets designed to meet the specific demands of campaign reporting.

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AI-powered data sets avoid the legacy assumptions and long-accepted data blindspots that are prevalent in many organisations.

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AI-driven insights give modern marketers the confidence to make campaign decisions based on knowledge of outcome.

The AI3 Approach

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AI Ready

Measure, monitor and connect as many data points as your organisation requires to reveal the true campaign ROI.

Remove any rigid preset vendor or agency campaign perspectives and structure your reporting to suit your specific organisation’s objectives.

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AI Operational

Build sophisticated and unique real time modelling that allows you to understand how your audiences are engaging with your campaigns.

Identify the mission critical audience interactions and use these insights to invest in high performing campaigns.

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AI Active

Act on your real time data by using it to power automated campaign investment decisions.

Drive engagement, retention and revenue by integrating your data into real time campaign targeting and personalisation.

The Measurability ROI

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Measure the right marketing metrics for your organisation

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Reveal marketing investment inefficiencies and wastage

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Make investment decisions based on real time events

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Measure the true impact of marketing on sales and revenue

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Understand what is driving customer engagement and interaction

It's time to think differently.

To think disruptively.

To think decisively.

If you're interested in discovering more about how the world's finest Machine Learning and AI is transforming modern marketing, get in touch.

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