Report Automation and Dashboarding

Using AI to make performance measurement easier, faster and more effective

The AI Challenge

With a variety of siloed data sources, modern marketers waste huge amounts of time simply compiling and analysing reports.

Modern marketers know that their data is constantly changing, but accessing, sharing and actioning that data is extremely difficult.

Not only are manual processes time consuming, they produce human-error and compromise the quality of the information.

The AI Solution

AI empowers modern marketers with report automation and dashboarding, making real time data easily accessible and ready to be utilised.


AI analyses and presents performance data in clear, easily-digested dashboards.


AI-powered data sets avoid legacy assumptions, providing true clarity about performance.


AI removes human-error from reporting and generates actionable insights at pace.

The AI3 Approach

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AI Ready

Measure, monitor and connect as many data points as your organisation requires to reveal the true campaign ROI.

Remove any rigid preset vendor or agency campaign perspectives and structure your reporting to suit your specific organisation’s objectives.

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AI Operational

Develop fully operational reports and dashboards that feed real time data directly into your workflow.

Leverage automated analytics to deliver valuable, actionable insights to improve campaign performance.

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AI Active

Fully automate reports and dashboarding to free up time and resources for more meaningful tasks.

Drive real cultural change in the organisation with less unnecessary admin and more clear, honest accountability.

The Report Automation and Dashboarding ROI

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Huge time saving

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Error-free reporting

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Real time data visualisation

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Richer, more granular data

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Readily actionable insights

It's time to think differently.

To think disruptively.

To think decisively.

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