Using AI to help retail brands improve customer experience, build loyalty and increase revenue

The AI Challenge

Retail businesses are weighed down by legacy marketing practises that are no longer fit for purpose.

Modern marketers are expected to keep pace in a wildly competitive sector with an increasing demand for exceptional customer experience.

But delivering results for retail businesses requires far greater resources than most marketers have at their disposal.

The AI Solution

AI allows modern marketers to do more with less, understanding the entire customer journey and optimising it with ease.


AI-powered segmentation defines audiences and achieves clarity on the most profitable customer profiles.


AI targets individual customers to produce personalised messaging and drive an increase in sales.


AI automates customer journeys to produce hyper relevant customer experiences and drive long-term revenue growth.

The AI3 Approach

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AI Ready

Collect, clean and control all of your data in a single environment to achieve total clarity about your existing marketing efforts.

Develop powerful customer segmentation that allows you to understand individual customers’ needs and directly market to them.

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AI Operational

Model and predict winning customer attributes, conversion rates and customer churn using recipient level customer history and lookalike data.

Personalise every interaction at a pace and scale previously impossible driving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit.

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AI Active

Automate and optimise every aspect of the customer journey to deliver truly peerless retail marketing.

Deliver a cultural change within the business where the customers’ needs are at the heart of every dynamic decision.

The Retail ROI

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Better resource allocation

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Increased conversion rate

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Reduced customer churn

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Enhanced customer experience and loyalty

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Clearly measured ROI

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Strategic forecasting to continually improve retail marketing

It's time to think differently.

To think disruptively.

To think decisively.

If you're interested in discovering more about how the world's finest Machine Learning and AI is transforming modern marketing, get in touch.

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