Using AI to power advanced understanding of your customers and their behaviours to increase relevance and drive loyalty

The AI Challenge

Clear visibility of the most optimal customer base, gives modern marketers the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to maximise every opportunity.

Now more than ever customers’ behaviours are changing by the day, even the hour. The need to adapt with those demands is increasingly important to remain relevant.

Traditional customer segmentation projects neglect today’s dynamic environment where audience segments can be outdated the moment they’re finalised.

The AI Solution

Using AI to build a comprehensive and dynamic Single Customer View (SCV) that informs truly actionable customer segmentations, is vital to achieving this objective and must be prioritised by all modern marketers.

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AI-powered segmentation defines audience types and actively reallocates them in real-time based on their behaviours.

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Achieve absolute clarity on the most profitable customer profile and develop a marketing response that seeks to find and retain more of them.

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Maintain a strong market position to capitalise on the current market challenges through increased relevance in the moments that matter.

The AI3 Approach

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AI Ready

Collect, clean and control all of your data in a single, scalable and secure environment enabling a framework for rapid, proactive communication.

Develop an always-on SCV where customers are understood at every conceivable touch point producing real-time, actionable audiences.

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AI Operational

Use actionable insight to predict customer behavior delivering proactive communications to trigger a desired outcome of a given audience type.

Personalise every interaction at a pace and scale previously impossible driving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and profit.

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AI Active

Fully automated transitioning of customers between segments ensuring your next action is the most appropriate with minimal to zero human interaction.

Deliver a cultural change within the business where the customers’ needs are at the heart of every dynamic decision.

The Segmentation ROI

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Build an actionable Single Customer View

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Real-time movement of customers between segments

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Understand your customers at a depth previously impossible

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React to individual customers at scale and pace

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Deliver a truly personalised experience at every interaction

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Increase loyalty, reduce attrition and drive profit

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