Built on proprietary technology and intellectual property assets unique to Third Foundation, we work to help you deliver AI transformation in your organisation in just three steps.

AI Transformation

AI Ready

AI Operational

AI Active


AI Ready

The first step to AI transformation is ensuring your organisation is ready to harness the power of AI. Marketing strategies led by AI are built on a foundation of sound data. With our AI Ready approach we will transform your organisation’s data into a marketing asset.


A robust audit of your organisation's current data ecosystem. We work to identify and assess the varying data types within your organisation, seek out and remove unhelpful data silos, and assess and enforce data quality.


A bespoke roadmap to AI transformation. We work collaboratively with you to design a timely and fully costed AI strategy that meets your organisation's unique AI marketing goals.


A hybrid of data-engineering and cultural change. Through our proprietary technology, Prime Radiant™ and Galaxia™ we provide your now AI Ready data in a format to suit your needs, giving you the ability to see your data brought together in one place for the first time. A range of transformation workshops, ensure you and your colleagues are equipped to prepare your organisation to harness the operational benefits of AI transformation.


AI Operational

The second step to AI transformation is to use AI insights to unlock operational growth and efficiencies across your organisation. Our AI Operational approach gives you access to our Sensemaking Suite™ of AI modules engineered for modern marketers, modelling your data to power AI-driven marketing decisions.

Your organisation is now AI Ready and poised to become AI Operational. We work with you to leverage your data to become a valued enterprise asset, empowering your organisation to make the AI-driven marketing decisions of the future.

We offer a suite of sensemaking plug and play modules that help modern marketers like you turn your data into insights in an instant. Simply bolt these modules onto your AI Ready foundation and embrace the new-found transparency, visibility and agility your organisation needs. Use it to drive real-time marketing decisions that can streamline your operations, provide competitive advantage, and support innovation.

  • Audience Clustering & Segmentation
  • What-if Intervention Modelling
  • Forecasting & Risk Prediction
  • Propensity Modelling
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetary) Modelling
  • Data Driven Modelling

Do you have a use case for your new AI Ready status that isn't met with our existing Sensemaking Suite™ of plug and play modules? We're imagining and engineering new AI Operational modules for modern marketers all the time and would love to hear more about how we can develop a module to meet your needs.


AI Active

The third step on your AI transformational journey is to activate your AI-driven marketing decisions. Our AI Active approach allows modern marketers to leverage your AI investment into all aspects of your organisation's marketing strategy through integrations with your existing Martech solutions.

Whilst a concise data eco-system and AI-driven insights are key deliverables in your AI transformation journey, we understand the ability to activate those deliverables is the smart destination.

Our Sensemaking Suite™ offers a range of AI Active integrations which allow modern marketers to generate value from your AI investment. Simply integrate a live feed directly from Galaxia™ into your existing Martech solutions to optimise and automate your marketing strategy.

  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Are you looking for a Martech vendor? With the needs of modern marketers in mind we have curated a range of AI Active partnerships that enable you to realise a commercial return on AI investment.

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